Instagram and Facebook are always giving you tools to up your content game and get the algorithm on your side. A BW favourite is Creator Studio: a scheduling tool that helps users schedule and manage their content. Today, we dive into why a scheduling tool is essential for running every kind of brand — business or personal. There are a ton of benefits, so let’s get right into it. 

*Don’t feel like reading? Watch the video below!*

1. Benefits of a scheduling tool 

Content and time management 

A scheduling tool will simplify your content management so you can focus on other things — like running your business. Getting your content planned, scheduled, and out of the way in one go will free up a ton of your time. Which in turn will make you feel more on top of things. When it comes to your content, it’s all about being proactive rather than reactive. 

Brand management

Scheduling tools also allow you to zoom out and see your content from a bird’s eye view. Remember: content is a direct reflection of your brand. Viewing your content in a calendar helps you get a clear vision of the brand story you’re telling. 

2. Benefits of Creator Studio 

Algorithm boost

It might not seem fair, but Instagram and Facebook will favour content that was posted by their own tool. That means the algorithm is more likely to boost content posted through Creator Studio over other tools like Later or Hootsuite. 

Geo-tagging and Alt Text

Another awesome bonus is that Creator Studio allows you to take care of those nitty gritty details like geo-tagging and alt text. These small but mighty features can go far in expanding your brand’s discoverability. 

Schedule different kinds of IG content 

Creator Studio gives you the option of scheduling not just still shots and videos to IG, but also IGTV and carousels. It’s a variety that other scheduling tools haven’t caught up to yet. And we can’t wait until we can schedule Reels [link to Reels post]!

Available on Desktop 

The best part is, you can do all of this right from your desktop! No more hunching over your small phone screen and the risk of getting sucked into distractions. You can also engage with comments, etc.

How Creator Studio works 

We’ve included a walkthrough in the below video, so be sure to watch for all the details. But here are a few tips: 

Toggle between Facebook and Instagram

Once your Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected, you can easily toggle between them to check out ALL of your content. You can also take a peek at your engagement on published posts and stories. 

Remember to schedule a Facebook time when scheduling IG

Creator studio gives you the option of scheduling a Facebook post at the same time as Instagram — and we love the convenience. But remember to separately schedule the time and date you want as otherwise, your Facebook post will go live immediately. 

Go back and engage

Social media is for being SOCIAL. So don’t just set it and forget it — go back to those posts and communicate with your audience by liking comments, responding, and keeping the conversation going. 

We always set our clients up for success with Creator Studio. It’s a no-brainer way to free up time, strengthen brand presence, and widen discoverability. Are you using a scheduling tool as part of your marketing strategy? Let us know about your experience!

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