Let’s start this post with a fun fact about Email Marketing: For every $1 you invest in this communication to your customers, you can expect to make $42? Now, that’s major ROI. Today, we dig into how to make the most of your email marketing with a newsletter, product emails, and the customer journey.

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Not only is email marketing one of the most effective ways to grow your business, but it can also help you maintain and grow your current customer base. It can even get you more likes, clicks, views, and reads on your content. Again, major ROI.

At Broad World, we implement email marketing strategies for virtually all of our clients. Why? Because it works. And it can work for you too. Let’s start with the tried and true: the newsletter.

Newsletter best practices for email marketing.

We always recommend starting your email marketing with a newsletter. This is a good way to keep in touch, converse with your customers, and most importantly, add value.  Some things to remember for your newsletter:

  1. Frequency: A good rule of thumb is to send out one per month. Adjust for your content — we don’t want to send out 10 blog posts in one newsletter. So if you’re ramping up your content, break the newsletters into a few per month. 
  2. Value: We all follow brands who ask us constantly to buy, buy, buy. Flip the script and give your customer value through things like informative content. Educate, inform, inspire. That’s how you create a connection.
  3. Add buttons to external links: Keep things tight with your newsletter — make sure it isn’t too long. A great way to do this is adding buttons linked to the full version of whatever you’re talking about.
  4. Humanize: A newsletter doesn’t have to contain just serious content like blog posts, products, and videos. Newsletter readers are often highly engaged, so use this space to humanize your brand. Introduce your team members, feature a recipe, ask a question. Sophia Amoruso does this really well when she asks, “What was your girlboss moment of the week?” She sometimes answers, writes a guest’s answer, and ultimately has the reader thinking of their own moment — getting them involved in the content with an emotional reaction. 

Product marketing with email.

Okay, so you’ve got your newsletter template down. How can we use it to sell more of your products or services? If you run an ecomm website, this is for you. Support your website goals with the newsletter and direct links. If your goal is to sell more of a certain product, feature them in the newsletter in a valuable way — like in a blog post that tells a story. 

Scale things up by sorting out your auto emails. Examples of these are:

  • Newsletter signup welcome email
  • Abandoned cart emails 
  • ‘Thanks for your purchase’ email with link to review or give feedback

Did you know? Sending three abandoned cart emails leads to 69% more orders than a single email reminder. It also takes about 11 views of a brand for someone to make a purchase. So it pays to “nag!”

Uplevel your email marketing by understanding the customer journey.

Be strategic with your email communications by creating customer journeys that build sales funnels. If you know you have various personas with different goals and motivations, you probably shouldn’t be sending all of them the same email. Segmented lists are your friend and help you understand why people are on your site. This way you can send emails that resonate with each individual. 

  • Think about your different buyer personas
  • Segment your lists and tag them
  • Send the right content to the right audience

Use copywriting best practices.

An important part of email marketing is to have smart, concise copywriting. Always use copywriting best practices, and make it personal — talk to your customer, not at them. The copy you put on your button should also be personal and start with the word that is attached to the benefit. Eg: Instead of simply “click here” use words like learn, read, improve, or watch.

Why? Personalized CTA’s are 202% more effective, and personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates. Give it a go and see results!

Do you have an email marketing strategy in place? Or need some help getting things set up? Pop us a note in the comments or contact us here.